In WP2, the use of originally germ free mice transplanted with GM from either human subpopulations or animal models with specific metabolic disorders allow us to examine whether a given GM composition is a causal factor for observed host responses or merely a co-result of host genome or diet induced responses. The DTU-Food facilities for gnotobiotic animals are unique in Denmark and can be found only in very few other places throughout Europe. The use of KU-VetDis’ extensive expertise within animal models for metabolic diseases, as well as animals carrying knock-outs in specific receptors known to interact with the GM, will elucidate possible mechanistic explanations for given observed responses. Comparison of effects of interventions in humans with effects in animals transplanted with human GM and other animal models will validate the use of such models to predict the human response to interventions, which is highly relevant for industries aiming to test and prove the efficacy of their products by use of animal models.

WP2 (animal models) is lead by Prof. Axel Kornerup Hansen, KU Veterinary Disease Biology, head of section of Biomedicine.

27 JUNE 2022